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Underwater Paradise - A Diving Guide to Raja Ampat

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The new book will be in the A5 format and contain detailed descriptions of 24 of Raja Ampat's best divesites with 30 maps and a total of 180 pictures and is self-published by Ricard.

Ricard Buxo arrived in Indonesia in 2000 and spent many months in Makassar where he supervised the building of the Pinisi styled liveaboard SMY Ondina. From 2001 he established Ondina on the Indonesian liveaboard circuit and each year spent months exploring the Raja Ampat area.

Known for his "little black books" of divesite information, which he meticulously maintains after every dive, his briefings before a dive are extensive and extremely well informed.

Underwater Paradise is written with the benefit of this extensive and intimate first-hand knowledge of the Raja Ampat divesites and illustrated with excellent 3D-like graphics of the sites that explains how to dive it and maximize the experience.

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