Diving Show in Madrid

por Ingrid Riera

Dive Travel Show 2021

“A humane, caring and serene Show”

Hello friends,

Just a few pictures (in the online magazine of January 15th we will make a full report) to explain and summarize how well was this Dive Travel Show that I organized in the center of Madrid, at the Hotel RafaelHoteles Atocha, last weekend.

It was my 11th Dive Show and this time, freed from the ballast of my previous French partners and without staff that always ‘pulls you and not always in the direction you want’, I have finally organized the dive event I had always wanted.
According to what an exhibitor told me yesterday by WhatsApp ‘A humane, caring and serene Show’.

The exhibitors speak of an empathy between them, never seen before. I am happy, because this has always been my goal.

I believe that the diving market has to be a reference for talking about things that other groups do not know as well as we do, because we interact in a hostile but wonderful environment, such as the sea.

On this occasion I have organized a Congress on Fear Management that has been very powerful and interesting, I am only sorry that I did not find the time to find someone to record it in its entirety so that we could all enjoy it in streaming and on YouTube.

People who deal with fear on a daily basis (their own and that of others) and who are dedicated to stress management, so present in all of us today, spoke.
After COVID, the need to have tools to control our stress and fears is crucial.
What the speakers said was very interesting and the conferences were all very well attended.

My concern in this 11th edition, as well as that of my exhibitors, was to know how many people were going to come to the Hotel RafaelHoteles Atocha.
I estimate that there have been between 1500 and 1800 people, because we have the certainty that Stop Finning managed to collect 600 signatures for the cause during the weekend and we also have data from the guys at the reception of the Hotel.

That means that exhibitors, end customers and myself were happy and surprised by the great reception in COVID’s time.
Friends, let’s be honest, who today wants to create or participate in large events where the ‘infinite growth’ is being promoted, where we all know that the investment of each of the exhibitors far exceeds the profit and that the return on that investment will be impossible.

Now is the time to create small events, easy to set up, easy to work, with a small risk, but yes, with great values and a deep criterion of humanity and sustainability that attract the visitors, which is our goal.
That will be my commitment from now on.

Infinite thanks to ALL of you for having trusted me and my proposal.
Both my online magazine, LetsDiveMag.com, and my events are your home and you will always be welcome.

With love.

Ingrid Riera
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