Dry suits, interiors, vest and another equipement

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Renew your dry suit and kiss winter goodbye

Choose or renew your dry suit and warm clothes this Christmas 2020-2021.
Since you can’nt go out to dive around the world, we propose that you review with care all your gear and renew what you have left old, or small or faded.
Buy a new drysuit that will allow you to enjoy the waters all year round.
We have prepared a top selection, so your choice will be easy, fast and safe.

Dry suit because…

Frozen dives into her silk dress. She handles herself very well on and under the ice, definitely in cold water. We don’t even try..

The heat exchange in the water is 24 times greater than in the air. This means that for every calorie we release into the air, the water takes away 24.

An example
How long could you be without a coat, in the street, at zero degrees centigrade?
Jumping around, moving around, maybe, You will resist for 24 In the water
you would only last 1 minute..

Three tips for the dry suit

  • No hurry.
  • From head to toe..
  • Watch your fists and neck. Slide carefully hands and
  • Good waterproofing like to be treated with care.
  • You can dress yourself, but ask for help to fasten the
  • No tugging.
  • No rush.
  • Ask for help to unfasten the zipper.
  • From head to toe.
  • The waterproof of the neck, has to be enlarged with
    both hands.
  • The watertproof of the cuffs you need to widen them
    helping you with the opposite hand.

  • There is no reason why not.
  • Dive all year round.
  • Enjoy beaches for yourself.
  • Less crowding dive sites.
  • Cheaper hotels.
  • Extends the diving season.
  • You can start your diving season earlier.
  • You can loop and dive all year round.

Under the suit

Thermal underwear, ideal those we call polar type. There are one-piece garments, called rats, which have been created to be worn under the dry suit. Always loose clothing, without metal or rigid parts if possible.

A trilaminated dry suit will keep you dry, but the temperature protection will be provided by the clothes
you wear under the suit.

Hood and gloves

Hood and gloves, that part of your body needs protection and the dry suit does not provide it. Don’t forget to protect those parts and do it well.

Dishwashing gloves are not useful here

The thickness of these gloves will depend on the temperature of the water, five mm would be the usual.
A hood, which is usually sold with the suit, of equal thickness and color. It must fit your head well and especially your neck.

Tip for long hair

If you are a girl with long hair, I advise you to put on a pool cap before putting on the hood. It works great and
won’t break your hair.

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