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Focea comfort, Beuchat’s wetsuit

Although Beuchat announces it as the best wetsuit in the world, I don’t know if it will be, but in terms of pattern, comfort, elegance and elasticity it is very difficult to beat….

The truth is that we loved it!

Neoprene: Easy to put on and easy to take off .v

traje neopreno buceo

Of the best diving suits

Just by looking at it you realize the elegance of its colors, it does not have the typical loud
colors that some brands design for women, it is black with light blue zippers, one word
defines it…


neopreno buceoTo know if a suit will be easy to put on, the first thing I do, personally, is to pull the neoprene
from one of the sleeves. I’m sure it will be “easy to put on” because it is super elastic, and it
has very strong zippers on all the extremities and on the neck to make it more comfortable.
The main zipper is at the back and it looks very robust and durable with a flap to ensure
watertightness. It has reinforcements on the knees, shoulders, legs and buttocks to ensure

It’s not a custom-made suit but the French firm offers this suit in 9 different sizes so that it fits the body as if it were made to measure. It is manufactured in 5 and 7 mm. neoprene with neoprene sleeves on all the extremities, almost completely sealing off any possible water ingress. To achieve this comfort of movement in the manufacture they use 44 panels and 20 different neoprenes. In addition, to achieve greater freedom of movement, they have added a “lumbar movement” panel that provides flexibility in this area to increase comfort when squatting outside the water.

To avoid the cold with maximum comfort they use Fireskin which is a very warm fabric with high thermal protection. It has the “universal computer holder” system that allows the dive computer to be attached to the suit especially on deep dives where the crushing of the neoprene is more significant

Pros/cons of our anonymous tester

To the question what did you think of the suit

Of pros

It’s a great suit, I’m delighted, it’s very elastic. In the water it is mega comfortable, warm without being the burden of a semi-dry, mix 7mm in the body and 5 in the extremities, design according to the body of a woman, I am autonomous I can put it alone, no one has to help me. The design and the combination of colors are not the typical rosy of women.

On the contrary

It weighs a bit more like luggage and takes a couple of days to dry completely and it goes a bit wide on my hips.

Pros and Cons by our director Ingrid Riera

From the very first moment I fell in love with the constellation of stars it draws on the front.
When I put it on, I was amazed at how easy it is to put on, even in extreme heat you have to “wrestle” with it. The nice zippers, they are well thought out and they do help. Besides, as I am one of those who always have cold, in that section, he has also behaved, the Mediterranean is wonderful but this 7 combined with a 5 is the ideal for cold people like me.

I’m excited about my suit. I love it!

  • Design99,9%
  • Ease and adaptability95%
  • Comfort98%

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