Kanumera ‘magic’ mask strips

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https://youtu.be/37z_CXpAxyU THE MAGIC TAPES Kanumera I love!!!!!! You drop your mask in the water… but Kanumera floats 🎼 floats 🎼 floats🎼 **** Get it because not only does it protect your hair from pulling, but it’s very cool and above all it’s anti “I’m not diving because I dropped my mask at -70 m😟!!!!” … You know what I mean… who hasn’t? I can assure you of that. With a Kanumera ribbon your mask will float miraculously! Buy all the ribbons you want at Kanumera Spain or check the sales points at https://www.kanumera.es/PBCPPlayer.asp?ID=1972201  

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