REG 28 XR-HR by Mares

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REG 28 XR-HR by Mares

We test the Mares 28 XR-HR regulator, with a market price of 440€. I have seen these second stage basic features tones of times, in tones of models, and I have to say that I like them. Round, reduced size, with an exhaust valve that separates bubbles to both sides of the mask. Without any outcoming parts nor anything that can bother. A classic but also elegant design. A great Italian touch a nice
silver trim and an amazing logo distribution. When things work out, better not to touch them. This is the first time I see a regulator that only comes in Din 300, no more options and I like
it. It’s a high-end regulator and it is its natural configuration, that is how MARES presents it to us. Remember that a Din 300 has six screw rings but a Din 200 has four. When installing a Din 300 in a Din 200 faucet it will seem like there is more to screw in. But not. The regulator is in its place, it is just that the missing screws are from the Din 300..

regulador 28 XR-HR MIFLEXT, Neither short nor long…
just the perfect size

The right length, the MIFLEXTX hose is 24 inches, 60 cm. The necessary length. At
some point during a dive you will might want to put your head into a crack, you could go through a tight way or just rise your hand to signal your buddy. The hose comes from the first stage to the second
stage on the minimum but enough possible travel. Special mention the material. Seems varnished, no friction allowed. Great
durability is assured within rock contact, boats or other parts from the equipment.

Lateral bypass of the Reg

Special mention to the lateral Baypass, perfectly integrated in the structure of the regulator. This lateral hose, whose name is VAD Vortex Assisted Design, is where the air really reaches us normally occurs like this: Hose, regulator structure, and diver. The 90º that the hose makes is nothing but a resistance to the diver. MARES designs a lateral way to their regulators. Available in almost all of their second stages. In XR’s case we can see it on the right part of our regulator, it is integrated into its structure and it gives the regulator a nice design and it doesn’t let it get stuck to anything…

Reg 28 XR-HR Under water

The Cracking Effort, variable according to the diver’s taste with the side wheel of the second stage, is perfectly noticeable.
To use it in its closed position is more than enough for a normal dive.

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