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The D series regulators

The D series regulators, with their distinctive design, have been the favorites among Scubapro regulator enthusiasts for over three decades.

Reinventing the past

TheScubapro D420 regulator builds on the iconic heritage of the original D Series regulator while delivering quality, reliability, performance and 21t century style that makes it one of the most comfortable and easy-to-breathe regulators on the market..


Comfortable and easy to breathe

Scubapro, has reinvented the past with its new second stage D420, successor to the D400 which was first produced almost 30 years ago. Marketed as “comparable to breathing on the surface”.

The D420 regulator lines of force

  • New progressive flow control valve: can be mounted with the hose on the left or right side
  • Extended bleed control: for easy use with gloves
  • New pre-immersion/immersion system: alters air flow directly from the valve, instead of the standard Venturi nozzle
  • Diseño de la carcasa: sus pequeñas “alas” internas dirigen el flujo de aire hacia la válvula de vaciado, consiguiendo así una mejora drástica del esfuerzo de exhalación.
  • Housing reinforced by fiberglass nylon: it has a last generation unique geometry
  • Housing design: the small internal “wings” direct air flow into
    the drain valve, improving dramatically the exhalation effort.

The Mk25 Evo, a worthy partner

The veteran MK25 has undergone a number of cosmetic restyling processes in recent years, but not in terms of proven functionality and performance. Queen of the compensated piston first stages, its design in a rotating turret for the low pressure output (no less than five!) allows a very comfortable range of options for the routing of the hoses, especially for the followers of the double tank or the sidemount fans.
The radiators in the central part of its structure, precisely where the air transit from high to low pressure takes place, contribute to the heat exchange as protection for cold water diving. Although surely the first stage MK19 with a new dry chamber, thanks to the internal insulation provided by its compensated membrane, is more suitable for diving in waters below 5 degrees centigrade, the truth is that if we are not going to dive regularly under ice, the MK25 EVO is perfectly suitable for cold water, thanks to its new XTIS system that isolates all the mechanical components from the outside.



  • Direct flow compensated piston
  • Two opposite high-pressure and five low-pressure outgoings
  • Intermediate pressure adjustable from outsider
  • Brass body with protective coating
  • Suitable for cold water with XTIS systemSuitable for cold water with XTIS system


  • Diver adjustable inhalation effort
  • High flow hose
  • Highly comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece
  • High flow exhalation valve
  • Compact dimensions and light weight: 220 g
  • Reversible right/left
  • Extreme resistance to freezing in cold water
  • Available with MK25 EVO or MK19 EVO first stage

More information LETSDIVEMAG 12 (pag. 64-Test)

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