Semidry ICE by Cressi

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Neopreno semiseco de cressiTest of the semi-dry neoprene Ice by Cressi

Semi-dry suit with extremely elastic exterior lining 100% Ultraspan© to link the
traditional staunchness of this kind of suit to a great elasticity and comfort that
the diver needs. Interior 100% X-Plush©, really thermal, it has a quick drying rocess and a sliding touch that facilitate the suit entry and it doesn’t limit the original elasticity of the neoprene and the exterior Ultraspan© fabric…

Vertical rear toothed TIZIP© dry zip

Completely toothed dry zip with toothed structure and the equivalent flexibility of traditional wetsuit zips. Less need for
maintenance and greater comfort than any other semi-dry suit zip. It is a limiting zip to avoid excessive tensions on the maximum opening area and it has a new design and studied position to limit the tension on the ends when removing the sui…

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