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Eon Core Dive Computer

The Eon Core is, as advertised, a computer that ‘grows with you’. It is ideal for recreational divers with its sleek, intuitive, compact and lightweight design. For the more active diver, who thinks he could develop his diving beyond basic recreational requirements, Eon Core is a worthwhile investment, as it allows you to add functionality to your computer as you acquire the relevant skills.

Suunto a place of honour for technical diving computers

The revolutionary launch of Eon Steel five years ago was a testament to Suunto’s desire to finally take its place among technical diving computers. Its rugged construction, multiple gas handling capabilities, highly customizable configuration and many other capabilities continue to make it one of the best in the Tec world. The challenge on the Eon Core was therefore, to preserve the main features by lightening weight and reducing size. Waivers had to be kept to a minimum and the Finnish engineers had to be very satisfied with the results obtained in Eon Core, whose very translation reveals that the “core” is intact. The reinforced plastic composite with which the bezel and casing of the Core is made is the reason that it weighs only 154g, less than half of its big brother. And that’s no doubt why its maximum depth is reduced to 80 meters.

Readability and Control

By default, the Core displays all the most useful information for recreational diving on a bright 5cm x 3.8cm backlit LED display with a more than sufficient resolution of 320×240. Numbers are in bold and high contrast colors, which change according to proximity or violation of various set limits. Large, highly readable digits are combined with circular graphics that are very easy to understand and follow. The alarms are in red, which means that there can be no confusion, as is sometimes the case with classic LCD displays. The brightness of the display can be adjusted (but not during the dive) between high, low and ‘default’ to suit the environment or time of day you are about to dive.
The three control buttons are located on the side and are very accessible, responsive and robust. One of the advantages of the Eon Core -and which it shares with the Steel- is its reversibility, as it can be configured for use on either the right or left arm.

A new decompressive supermodel

ordenador de buceoSuuntoTM RGBM 2 combines and enhances the Suunto RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubble Model) and Suunto FusedTM RGBM decompression models, with the classic RGBM used in recreational computers. It is suitable for use with a rebreather and allows dives of up to 150 m. Without any diver intervention, the new Suunto Fused RGBM 2 automatically switches between the two models to effectively control the risks of decompression illness. Based on customer feedback, Suunto has adjusted the new algorithm in a less conservative direction for advanced dives. The adjusted algorithm, Suunto Fused RGBM 2, allows for faster ascents on deep dives and repetitive dives. In the latter case, the change mainly affects air/nitrox dives. The idea of its legendary inventor, Bruce Wienke, is to provide the Eon family with a decompression “supermodel” that covers all types of diving. That in theory is ideal for the recreational diver who does not give up a possible step or progression to technical diving at more than 30 m. Depth. Also, Suunto F sed RGBM 2 does not require you to have a completely free body of residual gases when calculating waiting times for normal pressurized flight. This change reduces the time needed between the last dive and flying without compromising our safety.

The highlights

  • Optimized ascent times on deep air and
    decompression dives
  • Improved dive times for repetitive dives
  • For decompression dives there is an option to choose between a staged ascent profile (stops every 3 meters/10 feet) or a
    continuous ascent profile
  • Improved the wait-to-flight calculation
  • 3-meter safety stop after eliminating long
    decompression stops

The EON Core with FusedTM RGBM 2 supports both open and closed loop diving.

  • Full color LED display. Easy to use
  • New Fused 2 algorithm
  • Upgradeable at will
  • Reduced weight and dimensions
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Water resistance up to 80 m.
  • Rechargeable LiOn battery (930 mAh). 10-20 hours per charge
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • LED backlit TFT display
  • RGBM 2 Fused Algorithm
  • User-upgradeable software
  • Modes: Gauge / Air / Nitrox / Trimix / CCR (fixed point)
  • Multiple cylinder pressure readings (up to 10 tank PODs optional)
  • Digital 3D compass with tilt compensation
  • Available in 3 different colours

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