The Twistee effect

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The Twistee effect Tips & Tricks underwater photography

Today, I’m going to tell you about one of the tricks that I’ve put into practice the last few days and with which I’ve achieved incredible results from the very first moment. I have called it the twistee effect.

You will achieve with it very special photos of any animal in the blue.

To achieve this effect, it is going to be essential that you have a camera with manual adjustments and flashes.


Before getting into the specific technique for these photos, it is necessary to review some basics about the shutter speed of and how the sensor captures light.

Shutter speed

The shutter speed is the time the shutter is open during the picture. Most cameras allow from 30 seconds to 1/8000 seconds (i.e. one second divided by 8000).

During the time the shutter is open, all motion and light captured by the sensor will be captured. So the longer the sensor is open, the more light the shot will have.

Since we will want the shutter open longer than normal, we will have an excess of light that we will have to correct by closing the aperture (open aperture = more light, closed = less light).

For this type of photo, we will use speeds between 1/10 and 1/20, depending on how much movement we want to “draw”.



In addition to movement, we also need to freeze the subject so that the photo does not just show something moving, showing a moving, abstract image. For this, it is important to set the flashes to the right power. The flash stroke is the key to capture the subject in a clear way. Keep in mind that everything the flash illuminates will be frozen in the image.

Now we only need to know how to create the circular effect in the wake of the movement.
We will achieve this by rotating the camera in a circular fashion over the optical axis of the lens. It doesn’t matter if it is to the left or right, although it will surely be more comfortable for each one towards a particular side.

I know that some of the concepts can be confusing if you are not familiar with the vocabulary and mechanical operation of the cameras, so I invite you to shoot me a DM is you have any doubt.

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