Transforming oil platforms into reefs

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Amber and Emili, two women transforming oil platforms into reefs

Blue Latitudes project

As Ana Alemany explains in her magnificent book “Mujeres de los Mares”, “An oil platform is a large structure dedicated to extracting natural gas and oil from the seabed.

What to do when the lifetime of an offshore platform has come to an end?

There are two options either dismantle it and remove it from the sea or convert it into an artificial platform through the program “Of Platforms and Reefs (R2R). Both solutions are very expensive, but one can duplicate the other.

What to do with an oil rig

Dismantling it consists of moving its entire structure to the mainland and once there, dismantling it and reusing its material.

Transforming it into a reef means cutting off the part that protrudes from the water and removing the drilling structure, leaving the submerged part to remain.

Blue Latitudes Programme R2R (Rigs-to-Reefs)

In front of its dismantling Amber and Emily propose a R2R program (Rigs-to-Reefs) dedicated to nullify these structures as platforms and transform them into living artificial reefs. Create a biodiversity around them and enrich the area in the most natural way possible. Nothing more and nothing less. This is what Blue Latitudes is all about“.

Discover the history

transformar plataformas en arrecifes

Blue Latitudes, a marine environmental consulting firm, was born out of our graduate school research at Scripps Inst. of Oceanography.

As marine scientists, our mission is to convert these oil and gas platforms into artificial reefs, known as RtR. However, the reuse of existing materials and their reuse for the benefit of the environment is not limited to offshore platforms, we can apply this conversion to a myriad of industries, from offshore wind to aquaculture.

Our vision is to find the silver lining for the ocean by marrying the interests of industry with those of the environment. We are deeply committed to repurposing offshore energy infrastructure for the benefit of the environment.

Some of these oil platforms are among the most productive ecosystems on the planet.laneta.

The pandemic has challenged us to think creatively about how we conduct our business. We are now tele-working and have expanded our team to include members living in the U.S. While challenging at first, it has also created new opportunities for us to improve our communication skills and self-discipline to meet deadlines and keep the company on track.

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